Our Services

Custom Manufacturing

Sometimes you face a challenge that can’t be solved with a standard off-the shelf solution. Or perhaps you have devised a better way of doing things and need to find a way to make it work.

More than just a supplier, Rice Pipe Integrity has become a leading source for custom manufacturing solutions.
By drawing on over 65 years of applicational experience, and leveraging our long-term vendor relationships, we have custom engineered and manufactured hundreds of custom products to meet the most unique circumstances.

It starts by gaining a firm understanding of your objectives, and the obstacles you face. From there, Rice Pipe Integrity will work with you to meet your specifications and design parameters, offering practical advice every step of the way.

Examples of our custom manufacturing capabilities range from completing line-stopping in constrained spaces to modifying Plidco split sleeves with a belly to accommodate irregular pipeline damage. We even routinely modify the material composition of fittings to meet customer requirements.

Whatever your challenge, we will ensure our solutions are built to the highest quality, performance and safety standards.

Reconditioning Services

Rice’s Pipe Integrity products have become the industry standard for performance and durability. Our reconditioning services ensure they stay that way. Most of our products can be economically reconditioned to achieve peak performance – maximizing your product life and reducing replacement costs.

In the environments where our products are asked to perform day-in and day-out, even the most durable products face wear and tear. The need to recondition will depend on a number of criteria. This includes years of service, chemical exposure, application and extenuating circumstances that may have caused damage.

We can assess your product and determine if it is a candidate for reconditioning, and bring your equipment back to factory standard.