Duoline® 20

Internal GRE Liner Systems for Oilfield Tubulars


Duoline 20 is the workhorse of the Rice liner systems offering a broader range of application coverage in terms of more demanding downhole chemistry, durability and temperature requirements. Initially developed by Rice Engineering in 1971, it employs a durable filament wound glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) liner sleeve refined over the previous 45+ years.  Duoline 20 offers a proven track record in a range of demanding environments with temperatures up to 121˚C (250˚F) and various chemical compositions including high concentrations CO2, H2S and chlorides.

Product Details

Duoline 20 lowers life cycle costs by offering a more durable, longer lasting corrosion protection than traditional IPC coatings.  With over 100 million feet installed worldwide, Duoline 20 has documented in-service installations lasting over 3 times longer than competitive coatings and lining systems. 

Features & Benefits:

  • A proven performance with over 100 million feet installed worldwide, documenting exceptionally long life in-service installations exceeding 35 years.
  • Easy and fast installation that does not require specialized pipe, can be applied to new or used tubing, and can be used with most standard or premium connection types.
  • Durable corrosion protection with physical abrasion and impact resistance in wireline and coiled tubing service.
  • A high-hoop strength modulus liner which does not rely on an adhesive or chemical bond to tubing, making the system non-susceptible to collapse or debonding during de-pressurization.
  • A broad range of chemical resistance offering application flexibility and a wider range of service.
  • Installation into customer-preferred tubing and connection systems, no requirement for high-cost CRA alloys or premium connections.
  • A cost-effective solution with lower operating costs and longer lifecycles than other coatings or lining systems.

Primary Applications include:

  • Water & Sour Gas Injection Wells
  • Disposal Wells
  • Industrial Wastewater Disposal
  • ESP Water Source Wells
  • Sour Gas Production Wells
  • Carbon Capture Storage Wells
  • Gas-Lifted Production Wells

Product Characteristics:

  • Nominal Working Temperature: 121oC (250oF)
  • General Chemical Resistance: HCI Acid = YES, HF Acid = NO, Strong Caustics = NO, Hydrocarbons, Produced Oil & Water = YES
  • Working temperature ratings should be adjusted by Rice for significant levels of CO2, H2S, solvents, caustics or acids.
  • Absolute Roughness: 5 micron or 0.00021 inches, or use C = 150 for Hazen Williams friction loss formula.


  • Drift Diameter General Rule: Maximum tool diameter should be 6.35 mm (0.25 inch) smaller than flare diameter.
  • Recommended Wireline Speed: 30 m/min (100 ft/min) in and out, and tools/wireline/cables shall be free from sharp corners or burns.
  • Do not allow tools or bars to “free-fall” through DUOLINE and do not perforate through DUOLINE or liner damage will be expected.
  • Recommended Pressure Release Rates: In Gas Service: 100 psi/min (700 kpa/min) In Water Service: Use a 5 - 10 second release.
  • Ratings for Working Pressure/Tension/Compression/Bending: Up to rated steel pipe body limits. Do not exceed elastic limits.
  • While operating, following the recommendations contained within Rice’s BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES FOR DUOLINE TUBULAR GOODS will significantly extend they useful life of your tubing investment.  To obtain a copy, please contact Rice.


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