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Damaged Piping? Trust The ORIGINAL. Trust the Plidco® Split Sleeve

Published: July 29, 2021

Damaged piping happens.  When it does, ensure that your Emergency Response Program is using the industry standard in repair fittings by choosing the PLIDCO® Split+Sleeve.

Used for decades across Canada to effectively repair dented, damaged or leaking pipe, the Split+Sleeve is proven to quickly and safely bring your system back to full operation.

The Split Sleeve’s unique bolt-on design means that repairs can occur without having to take your piping offline.  Longitudinal and circumferential seals are engaged by proper bolt torque, and a patented steel GiderRing prevents displacement and damage of packing during installation.  Once the fitting is installed to specification, your pipeline is fully functional – however for a more permanent repair, the fitting can be welded to the pipeline while under flow for a permanent repair.

When installed non-welded, fittings can be removed, reconditioned at Rice and returned for future use.

Fittings are stocked at Rice up to 24” and 1500psi Maximum Operating Pressure, with Viton packing for use in most applications across Canada.  Further stock is held with PLIDCO®.  And, if a stock fitting is not available, custom emergency repair fittings are always an option.

Customers trust PLIDCO®.  Why? They are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a 5-year limited warranty on their pipeline repair products.

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