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Piping Integrity & Repair

Pipe failure can be catastrophic in a plant or pipeline setting, and the associated costs of a shutdown can be damaging to businesses and careers. Not only can it cause great risk to the safety of onsite personnel, it can impact the environment and potentially cause harm to other assets.

Rice Pipe Integrity has become one of the industry’s most trusted suppliers for pipe and pipeline integrity solutions for preventative maintenance or emergency repairs in plant and pipeline systems. This includes high pressure repair situations.

  • Leak prevention: Rice offers a number of preventative products designed to provide protection once potential integrity issues have been identified through pigging and other line inspection services. This provides a reliable solution designed to protect the pipe until it can be replaced during the next scheduled turn-around. Our Plidco solutions provide an easy and efficient solution that protect a compromised pipe from further damage.
  • Emergency repair: When a leak occurs in a live line, it is critical to fix it in the safest, most expedient way possible. Your ability to protect workers, assets and the environment depends on it!

Because welding is not possible in such a dangerous environment, Plidco’s bolt-on products have been implemented into many ERP plans due to their ability to address failures in the most efficient, secure responsive manner possible. The speed and ease of repair allows you to minimize environmental impact and product loss, and allows you to back on-line sooner.

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