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Piping Construction & Maintenance

Rice equips our clients to construct new pipelines with greater ease, reliability and efficiency.

More efficient assembly: Our top-selling line of Plidco Weld+Ends provides a superior, leak-proof coupling solution for joining pipes with unmatched speed and precision – with the ability to go back online immediately* following installation. Faster than butt welding, Plidco Weld+Ends also facilitate accurate alignment and eliminate the time required to prepare pipe ends prior to connection. Applications include crude oil, gasoline, gas, asphalt, steam and chemical processing.

* Within set pressure parameters.

Irregular pipe damage: Our solutions are designed to repair irregular damage without taking the pipe offline.

Custom solutions: If you require unconventional fittings or require products that meet specific Carbon Equivalency (CE) requirements, Rice can work with our suppliers and manufacturing team to customize a solution.

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