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Hot Tapping & Line Stopping

Hot tapping and line stopping are the method of choice for safely and efficiently conducting maintenance, repairs and replacements on live, high or low-pressure lines – without the stress and expense of an unscheduled shutdown.

Rice Pipe Integrity carries hot tap and line stop fittings from Plidco and Weldfit: two of the world’s most trusted suppliers for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream applications.

Decades of experience across Canada has lead to some unique benefits including;

  • Extruded weldable solutions: Weldable fittings are extruded to minimize spatial requirements and reduce potential areas of failure when compared to manufactured fittings.
  • No-weld solutions: Plidco’s bolt-on solution is engineered to perform in environments where welding is deemed to be hazardous, or in situations where it is company policy to reuse the hot tapping saddle.
  • Ultra-high-pressure situations: Solutions can be designed to excel in ultra-high-pressure situations – isolating the problem while allowing your plant to remain online.
  • Shutting down illegal taps: Rice also offers innovative enclosures, created to close off illegal taps.
  • Constrained spaces: Plidco Shear+Plugs are a practical solution where space restrictions limit your options.
  • Metal-to-metal line-stopping success: Plidco Shear+Plugs provide a positive metal-to-metal seal against high-pressure, high-temperature steam and other fluids.
  • Custom solutions: If you require unconventional fittings or products that meet specific Carbon Equivalency (CE) requirements, Rice can work with our suppliers and manufacturing team to customize a solution.

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