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Downhole Tubular Corrosion Protection

Companies are continually finding new and more efficient ways to develop oil and gas reserves – including those that were at one time considered unviable.

As industry is pushing the limits of what is possible, Rice Pipe Integrity is providing advanced tubular solutions designed to stand up to the chemical and physical demands that come with working in modern downhole environments.

Rice OCTG products keep your assets producing longer while preventing workovers, providing the lowest life cycle costs in the industry.

We have decades of experience working with oil and gas companies to protect downhole tubing from costly potential failures in both every day and extreme environments. Guided by the specifications and parameters outlined by your engineering and production team, we will provide the tubular solutions most suited to your requirements.

Exclusive Canadian Manufacturer of Duoline®:

Rice is the manufacturer of Duoline® Corrosion Resistant Lining Systems in Canada. With an extensive history of providing solutions for onshore and offshore applications worldwide, Duoline products are proven to be a more durable, longer lasting corrosion solution than traditional IPC coatings.

Key applications:

Rice Pipe Integrity provides superior corrosion protection technologies for a variety of applications including but not limited to:

  • Sour water injection wells with CO2 and H2S content
  • Oil and gas producing wells with acid gases, brine or other corrosive content
  • Brine (salt water) injection wells
  • Water/Gas injection wells
  • Fresh water injection wells
  • Oil and gas producing wells with physical wear issues

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