Shear Plug

Welded Hot Tap & Line Stop Fitting


The PLIDCO® Shear Plug offers a safe and reliable way to isolate a system for repairs or valve insertion. Until now, such projects required shutdown of the plant or an entire system, unless an operative valve could be used. There has been no safe, positive plug-off technique, because existing seals could not withstand high-pressure and high temperature. The Shear Plug solves the problem by providing a positive metal-to-metal seal.

The Shear Plug is simply the industry's most reliable solution for high pressure, high temperature line plugging.

Product Details

Metal-to-Metal Seal with Sealant Back-Up

The Shear Plug works where others do not, providing a positive metal-to-metal seal against high-pressure, high-temperature steam (other fluids will be considered on application basis). In addition, a sealant is applied to further strengthen the isolation. In addition, the Shear + Plug is impervious to flow rate, making it ideal for boiler feed applications.

Better Technology with Quality Process

A double acting hydraulic cylinder accomplishes the shear through, positions the sealing blind plate, and retracts it. No shell cutter is used to enter the pipe which eliminates potential problems. The complete one piece coupon is pushed into the receptacle housing for easy, complete retrieval.


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