External Corrosion Control for Oilfield Tubulars


Ricewrap is a protective wrap of fiberglass epoxy externally applied and bonded to steel pipe.  It is recommended for external corrosion protection on downhole tubing. The same tubing can also be internally lined with other Duoline lining systems to provide both internal and external corrosion protection.

Product Details

Ricewrap brings the trusted performance of the Duoline 20 internal lining system to the exterior of your tubing.  It is recommended for external corrosion protection on down hole tubing or use between injection mandrels and/or packers in multi-zone completions.

Product Characteristics:

  • Thickness: Nominal thickness 0.100".
  • Nominal Working Temperature: -29° C (-20° F) to 121° C (250° F).
  • General Chemical Resistance: HCI Acid = YES, HF Acid = NO, Strong Caustics = NO, Hydrocarbons, Produced Oil & Water = YES
  • Working temperature ratings should be adjusted by Rice for significant levels of CO2, H2S, solvents, caustics or acids.


  • While operating, following the recommendations contained within Rice’s BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES FOR DUOLINE TUBULAR GOODS will significantly extend they useful life of your tubing investment.  To obtain a copy, please contact Rice.


Document Name: RiceWrap 
Document Type: Spec Sheet